Do I have the right to choose the body shop?
repair center technicianYes, the vehicle owner has the right to choose the collision center where their car is repaired. We have existing relationships with most of the major insurance carriers today. If we’re not on their lists just tell the insurance company you want Senn’s to repair your car. Your insurance company is required to work with the shop of your choice and, in good faith, arrive at an agreed price to repair your car. One thing to keep in mind is that our shop warranties our work for as long as you own the vehicle. That goes above and beyond the insurance company’s warranty. Even if you switch insurance providers, your warranty is still good with us!

How do I choose a collision repair shop?
By asking questions. Ask the shop you are considering: How long they have been in business, do they have a lifetime warranty, do they have a good working relationship with the insurance company, Are their techs I-Car Certified, Do they have the equipment and technology to repair my car? Can I pick up and drop off my rental here. Ask your family, friends, enemies, neighbors, coworkers, in-laws, outlaws have you had Senn’s repair your vehicle and were satisfied with the repairs.

Was Senn’s easy to do business with?
Shouldn’t I just bring the car to the dealer? Some people think that if they don’t get their car repaired at the dealer their warranty will be voided. This is not true; your warranty will stay intact for any part not involved in the collision and Senn’s warranties any part that was involved in the collision, just like the Dealer does. Some might think the dealer knows better on how to repair the make and model because they sold it. This also is not true. Senn’s technicians are highly trained, and they have received specialized training for repairing specific makes and models just like the dealer. So what’s the difference? Pride! The pride of Senn’s employees and the pride the Senn family takes in repairing your vehicle. At every location you can meet one of the Senn family and an employee that takes Pride in repairing your vehicle. Try to do that at the dealership. All we do is collision repair, and we’ve been doing it with excellence for over 60 years. The Senn Family has actually been serving the Louisville and southern Indiana market longer than nearly all the auto dealers here today.

Why do estimates vary?
As with most purchases, the quality of parts, quality of workmanship and support after the sale greatly factor into the cost of repairing your vehicle. Lesser shops will tend to cut costs by not repairing hidden damage or masking off trim items when painting while the higher quality shops will remove them, which gives it a factory look when completed. Senn’s is always very open and honest about how your car will be repaired. Always ask the estimator to explain, in detail, what damage was done and how it will be repaired.

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